No One Deserves to be a Victim of Home Improvement or Home Repair Contractor Fraud

Need a contractor? Don’t know where to start? Don’t want to get ripped off?  This step-by-step guide will hold your hand through your entire project.  We want to make sure you know where to start and how to protect yourself.   Learn (1) typical scams and how to avoid them; (2) how to manage your repair/rebuild/remodel project from beginning to end; and (3) how to cut down on miscommunication between you and a legitimate contactor.

I wish I had this book before I lost over $5000 to a con artist that seemed like a really nice guy. This book has empowered me to avoid making that mistake again. GREAT information! Thanks!” – S. Cooper

I’m so embarrassed that I got ripped off. I thought I knew how to handle the contractor, figured it was common sense. This book made me realize that I didn’t know much at all. Hard lesson to learn, but I’m glad I now have the knowledge to match my ego! Thanks Phae!!” – J. Smith

I’m so glad that I read this book before I installed my kitchen. There were so many things that I didn’t even know that I didn’t even know! I did everything you instructed and the job ran smoothly. I’m getting books for all of my clients!
- D. Harrison

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The National Center for the Prevention of Home Improvement Fraud is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. NCPHIF was created to help protect consumers from becoming victims of home improvement or home repair contractor fraud. Our mission is to educate homeowners BEFORE they begin a home improvement or home repair project, to greatly reduce the chances of victimization or fraud.  By empowering homeowners with valuable information and resources around the topics of “Best Practices” for starting a project, we can begin to win the war on contractor fraud and claim our communities Contractor “Fraud-Free Zones.”

We’re Working to Create Contractor “Fraud-Free Zones

NCPHIF’s long-term goal is to make every city and town in the United States Contractor “Fraud-Free Zones” through our comprehensive plan and phased approach. With our “SmartPower” workshops, our community involvement, resources and tools available on our Web site, and soon through the development of our National Database, Call Center, and Traveling Kiosk, we will make a major difference in the war on contractor fraud across the country. Through our services, the information and knowledge provided by NCPHIF will help empower consumers to differentiate between honest contractors and those involved in home improvement scams, or poor service delivery. With this knowledge, consumers can proactively become their own quality control managers, which will help them avoid being victimized by illegal contracts, large upfront deposits, lost payments, shoddy construction, and liens on the property they have worked so hard to acquire.

Consumers, Neighborhoods, Honest Contractors, Insurance Companies, Lenders, Law Enforcement and Government Agencies Reap the Benefits

When consumers have the resources and tools needed to make informed decisions around hiring a contractor and beginning a home improvement or home repair project, everyone wins! NCPHIF is committed to helping everyone impacted by home improvement or home repair contractor fraud.  That means:

  • Homeowners can feel more confident and knowledgeable when overseeing their home improvement or home repair projects.
  • Honest and ethical contractors can focus on providing quality service at reasonable rates to continue to serve their customers and grow their business.
  • Insurance companies can better manage their rates with the reduction of fraudulent claims and lenders can expect a reduction in losses.
  • Government offices, law enforcement agencies, and businesses can spend less time and money pursuing unscrupulous contractors as fraud complaints decline.

Meet Our Founder

NCPHIF was founded by Phae Moore,  after she saw her Grandmother financially and emotionally victimized by a fraudulent contractor. “I was shocked at how easy contractor fraud was,” says Phae.  I don’t know how much money my Grandmother lost, but I absolutely remember the pain on her face. That will stay with me always.”

Realizing that, like her Grandmother, many homeowners are not equipped with the information and resources needed to avoid being victimized by contractor fraud, Phae has made it her personal goal, and the mission of NCPHIF, to empower consumers to avoid similar situations.

With an ever growing population of potential fraud victims including senior citizens, disaster and storm victims, first time homebuyers, those in low wealth or rural communities, the physically impaired, those who speak English as a second language, and women, Phae believes “Now more than ever, the need for NCPHIF is urgent.  My vision is to provide an unbiased place for homeowners to go with their questions and concerns regarding home improvement projects, the hiring of contractors, and the tools needed to avoid home improvement and home repair contractor fraud.”